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28 Mar 2018

How The Institute of Foresters Australia Destroyed The Nations Sawmills

We saw a Guardian article where Victorian sawmillers want access to national parks and water catchments, claiming they have fallen off a 'resource cliff'. Coincidently, we had just been talking to a friend about clear felling native forests and why regrowth forest does not produce sawlogs. The reason is too simple for university-educated foresters to understand.

A random screen grab of the Huon Valley 2018. Much of Tasmania looks like this on Google Maps

Fact. All native forest harvesting in Australia looks like the above because this is the only way forests are harvested.
Fact. The 'coupes' (foresters term for permanently changing the landscape) are trucked-off to a woodchip plant and exported to only two Asian countries - China and Taiwan.
Fact. The coupes are re-planted with native forest for another 70 year regrowth cycle.
Fact. The young trees don't compete with each other because they are all the same age. Unlike a real native forest where they are forced to grow for about 30m to reach the canopy and light. Native forests have trees of all ages - Regrowth coupes do not. So regrowth trees can start branching immediately.
Fact. Branching in hardwood eucalyptus timber does not produce sawlogs - they must be straight.
Fact. Most of the regrowth coupes are only good for woodchips.
Fact. The Institute of Foresters Australia which manages all state forestry operations has never noticed this happening which is why they are still doing it today.
In the past, selective harvesting kept native forests producing sawlogs indefinitely. Now, university trained 'foresters' with fake qualifications have destroyed one of the worlds great forestry assets.
Fact. Most Australian politicians are university educated lawyers and accountants with no knowledge of the real world. They are obsessed with university qualifications and put ANU-educated foresters in management roles in the state logging corporations.
Fact. Over-educated buffoons have destroyed another Australian industry. These are the same dangerous academics who imported cane toads to Australia.
Fact. Australia does not have a valid forestry course because it is based on conifer harvesting and adapted to local conditions. They actually developed the course to justify state logging operations in the 1930's. Australian foresters are just quasi-academics who are destroying the Earths ecology and climate. They think nobody in Australia is 'qualified' to take them on.

University-educated buffoons often don't know what they are doing. These are the people that caused trillion dollar debt in all developed countries because they pretend to understand the issues. Now these same buffoons are watching the entire planet unravel because they refuse to take advice from outside their narrow group-think. They are actually criminals with the blood of all future generations on their hands.

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