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9 Mar 2018

Corrupt Malaysian PM Drags Malcolm Turnbull Into 1MDB Sewer

Things are getting quite grubby for Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull. "No. No. No. I'm not going to, I'm not going to comment on it." That was Turnbull's hysterical response when asked a question about his son Alex Turnbull who claims to be a 1MDB whistleblower sidelined by banker Goldman Sachs.

Najib Razak - kleptomaniac

Interestingly, Malcolm Turnbull once headed the Australian branch of Goldman Sachs where he was embroiled in the HIH, the largest corporate collapse in Australia's history with debts of $5.3billion.

"In an interview with Fairfax Media, Alex Turnbull would not comment on an article in The Australian which quoted him saying he was "b-tracked" by Goldman Sachs for raising concerns about 1MDB and claimed "whistleblowing is a shit business".
Alex Turnbull said he was misquoted by The Australian newspaper although his complaint is similar to comments he appears to have made on a Malaysian blog, realpolitikasia, earlier this month.
"I called out the insane pricing and bizarre structure at [Goldman Sachs] when the deal was done and got yelled at by compliance for casting doubt on the integrity of PFI, the group that did the deal," a user claiming to be Alex Turnbull wrote".

"According to the blog and The Australian, Alex Turnbull raised concerns while working on a deal for Goldman Sachs that raised $US6 billion for 1MDB and made the Wall Street bank $US590 million in fees and commissions.

Malaysia's Prime Minster Najib Razak helped set up the scandal-ridden 1MDB in 2009. A lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice has accused him of receiving $US681 million in stolen funds from 1MDB.Mr Razak has denied these charges and claimed the money in his personal accounts was a gift from an unnamed Saudi prince." (as if)

In just over a week, Turnbull will welcome Najib Razak to Australia for the ASEAN summit. You can count on a military operation to silence media questions about 1MDB, Golman Sachs and Saudi princes at ASEAN.

Alex Turnbull was definitely not a major whistleblower in the IMDB larceny.
To quote Sarawak Report:
"Let us remind Mr Turnbull that the actual whistleblower on 1MDB was Xavier Justo, who passed data to Sarawak Report and was, as a result, imprisoned in the “B Wing” of a Thai jail for 18 months, thanks to a revengeful plot hatched by the pals of Turnbull’s former Goldman Sachs colleague, Tim Leissner, namely Jho Low and his colleagues from PetroSaudi."

Inside Tasmania was activated against Malaysian corruption by the logging company Ta Ann which operates in Tasmania. Ta Ann is part of the Taib 'Asian Timber Mafia' and of course is linked to Najib Razak.

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