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17 Jan 2018

January 26 - The Day We Became A Penal Colony WTF?

I can understand why Australian Aborigines see 'Australia Day' as 'Invasion Day' but it's actually a lot worse than that.

January 26 commemorates the arrival in 1788 of the so-called 'first fleet' of convicts from Britain. The population of Britain was about 6.5 million in the mid-1700's and by 1801 it was 9 million.
The world's first 'industrialised' nation, Britain had developed an elitist, hierarchical social system with a tightly controlled pecking order, with their 'royals' at the top of the heap. The elites tried to breed subservience and obedience to authority into the lower ranks with an obsessive class system. As a result of this idiotic and primitive class system they were producing huge numbers of convicts.

After the USA had liberated themselves from the Brits in the American War of Independence, the Poms had to find a new dumping ground for their ever-increasing prisoners.
So they sent them to Australia.

So what other nation celebrates their birthday as the day they became a foreign prison camp? Australia does.
On January 26 go and celebrate why we are a bankrupt nation of conformists and wannabes. Keep voting Liberal because a retarded nation needs to be run by criminal psychopaths led by an entitled 'aristocrat' like Malcolm Turnbull.

Celebrate all the things that make Australia a living, breathing sewer - killing the Great Barrier Reef, concentration camps for refugees, bashing Aboriginals to death in police custody and maintaining a criminal government of hundreds of thousands of bludgers and parasites. But what is even better than all of that is we are doing it at a LOSS. Even the Poms were selling opium to China for profit. They didn't teach you at school that were were colonised by narcotics traffickers and slave traders did they?
But thats what makes us 'Australian' isn't it? The readiness to live in stupidity, subservience, delusion and hate.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As we are part of purely an ideological society, everything we do, implement, create or destroy, is all in the name of fantasy land thinking and never the reality of the future.

All the problems that are looming up and in this case, Australia day and indigenous affairs is a product of the end of society as we know it. Nothing can be done, dissent, confusion and collapsing day dreams are what is running the show.

When you think about it, there is no date which would suit everyone as Australia day. Every date that can be brought up, will be rejected by those enslaved to ideological concepts and outcomes. So it will remain the same and continue to be a divisive day pf celebration.

The only real days you could us, would be the day all states combined to become Australia, or the first day of the Aus parliament. Other than that, every other day has massive problems.