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14 Dec 2017

'Fake Weather' - Was The BoM Hacked By China To Cover-Up Climate Change?

Another week in Tasmania and more fake weather reports from the BoM (Bureau of Meteorology). They continually predict rain and flooding that turn out to be non-events. Victoria and probably the rest of Australia have also been getting 'fake weather'.

NASA image of predicted climatic changes

IT would like to take you back to December 2016 when the Australian Bureau of Meteorology experienced a 'massive' cyber attack on their computer systems. 
The ABC reports that BoM 'owns one of Australia's largest supercomputers' and that 'it could take years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to fix'.

So here we are a year later and the BoM is being heavily criticized for 'fake weather' such as the '10 out of 10' event that didn't happen.
We know the BoM Cray supercomputer was only installed a year ago. 
Within weeks it was hacked by China the experts said. The BoM claimed Australians 'should start to see improvements in forecasts from January 2017.' Instead we see the complete opposite.

Why would China want to hide climate change? 
This is a new theory. 36% of the Earth's population live in China and India - 1.4 billion people in China and growing. They are on an upward economic trajectory that they want to maintain. They are also in the part of the world that will be forced to impose it's will over the rest of the world. Look at this:

Australia is just outside that circle of over population. What we think is insignificant to China and the rest of Asia. China has also turned propaganda into an industry. They know that by sheer numbers of people they are heavily impacting the Earth's climate and their strategy is to manage the fallout. Just like Exxon did by denying climate change for decades and Phillip Morris with smoking, only on a greater scale.

So the BoM computer system was a hacking challenge, and then an opportunity to insert Chinese climate propaganda directly into Australian loungerooms and weather maps. That's what they appear to be doing and it's why Australians need to know how this totalitarian superpower operates.

IT is also aware that that Tasmania's dominant weather pattern, the 'roaring forties' is now much weaker than it was pre-climate change. Most of Tasmania's annual rainfall now goes to the North and the South of the island. If we know that why doesn't the BoM?
If China thinks their unsustainable population and the fact they are trashing the planets climate is going unnoticed they are wrong.

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