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10 Feb 2018

Fake Tasmanian Election - We Are Already Controlled By Unelected Foreign Entities

Most Tasmanians will vote on March 3 2018 but with every Tasmanian represented by 19 parliamentarians and the islands economy controlled by offshore interests why bother?

The graph above from end of financial year 2017 shows Tasmania is catching NT with the highest percentage of foreign owned land. There has been an explosion of Chinese owned land in Australia in this latest register of foreign land ownership. With half of Tasmania in national parks and World Heritage areas, foreigners control a quarter of the remaining arable land. Forestry Tasmania (STT) manages most of whats left but their entire output already goes to Asia anyway.

If you consider almost all of Tasmania's mining industry is owned by offshore interests, with the big 2 mining giants BHP and RioTinto using Tasmania as an electricity outlet, then there is not much of the local economy controlled by Tasmanians. Most farming in Tasmania barely pays the rates and the economic farms are at the mercy of foreign-owned milk companies and processors. Just the way the Tasmanian LibLabs like it.

China has acquired strategic land interests in Tasmania with outright ownership of VDL, an ancient title that even includes the beaches at the NW tip of Tasmania. They are also on the NE tip of Tasmania in a windfarm partnership with Hydro. China uses local operatives like two ex-'government business enterprise' execs to enable their expansionist activities in Tasmania. Remember everything in China is owned by the state so who actually owns Chinese interests in Tasmania? It's the crony capitalist Chinese communist party.
This podcast explains the crony capitalist Chinese system in detail. You have to bribe 5 party officials to gain 'usage rights' of any resource. So how much of Tasmania was transferred to Chinese ownership as a result of money laundering?

The low IQ politicians of Tasmania seem happy to have foreigners own and run the entire island leaving them to manage a debt-laden pseudo economy with just one export market - Asia.

Ask any Tasmanian politician to put a number on the maximum population capacity of China or India and you will get a vacant stare. All they know is how to feed the Asian monsters. Tasmanian politicians must expect to be totally swamped by foreigners eventually but today they want us to vote for them WTF?

We have already seen shadowy operatives bring the Sarawak 'Asian Timber Mafia' to Tasmania and now the same people are on the Chinese payroll after living off the taxpayer for decades.

And that's the kick. More GST revenue, more living off the Australian taxpayer so Tasmanians can support the maximum number of foreign interests. This is a crime against the Australian nation but so far these scum are getting away with it.

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