25 Oct 2017

Will Turnbull Last Out 2017 As PM?

There's a brutal power struggle going on in Canberra at the moment. Turnbull barely scrapped back into office in 2016 and it's been downhill for the Libs since then. We see a puffed-up, hyper-confident spiv with a non-existent majority, parading around in a prime ministers costume.
Technically, he shouldn't be in office because deputy PM 'Barnyard' Joyce hadn't bothered to read the Constitution. These goons have turned everything they touch to crap. Dutton had to eat humble pie after being forced to pay Manus Island detainees $70 million compensation.

The Libs stuffed-up the census and lied about the cause, been in open warfare with the ABC and George Brandis shed idiot tears when Pauline Hanson wore a full burqa into the senate. He's that fond of Sharia Law is he?

They held a totally stupid 'survey' that breached the Constitution by letting the ABS use the electoral role to find out what people thought about same sex marriage. Communications minister Mitch Fifield gave Fox Sports $30 million of taxpayer money and then covered-up the dirty deal.

They fondled coal in parliament and miss-managed the electricity system.
The High Court will deliver a verdict on Friday 28 October on the 'dual citizenship' fiasco. Will the Turnbull government survive?
Actually they don't deserve to be in office. These people a petty criminals.

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