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13 Nov 2017

Institute Of Foresters Australia Destroys Swift Parrot Habitat In Southern Tasmania

There are only 2000 swift parrots left on the planet, yet the Tasmanian government logging arm, 'Sustainable Timber Tasmania' (STT) has just destroyed some of the birds last remaining habitat at Tylers Hill Tasmania.

Swift parrots only breed in Tasmania and nest and feed mainly in blue gums (e.globulus) most of which have been cut down for high quality timber. The parrots don't touch tree plantation blue gums which have been modified to not flower at all. STT never mentions this because they were part of the cartel that did the modifying. But whats this got to do with the Institute of Foresters Australia you ask? The IFA is the quasi-academic pressure group that encourages and legitimises all state government logging in Australia. It uses a charade of meaningless academic qualifications they developed, just to exploit a 'resource' they fundamentally stole from the Aborigines.

The IFA is single-minded in their cause. They employ online trolls who constantly abuse and denigrate anybody who questions flattening big chunks of the Australian landscape for a quick buck. You will find the trolls over at Tasmanian Times who put up with them in some sort of jaundiced idea of 'balance'.

Pictured above is the current chair of STT Rob de Fegely. Rob is past President of the Institute of Foresters. Current President of the IFA is Bob Gordon who was previously CEO of Forestry Tasmania which is the old name for STT. Rob de Fegely is also a non-executive Director of VicForests. Get the picture?

The remaining forests of Victoria and Tasmania are regarded as solid gold ATM machines by the Institute of Foresters. Thats why the swift parrot habitat had to go. The IFA doesn't care who buys the 'resource' they are stealing from the Australian nation as long as they get paid.
Although the IFA pay lip service to FSC 'community engagement', organisations like STT are as opaque as the air quality in Delhi or  Beijing.

Huge quantities of saw logs and woodchip is shipped to Asia after being sold at a loss by STT to somebody's mate. That's the preferred way of the IFA.

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