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15 Sept 2017

Australian Marriage Law - Why We Voted 'Yes'

First we acknowledge this 'survey' is typical Inward-Looking/Westminster/Colonial/Obtuse rubbish. Invented by gutless bastards that parade around pretending to represent us, because they are too compromised to actually vote on something themselves.

We voted 'yes' because we don't like the politicians who support voting 'no'. Many of them pretend to be religious when they are actually opposed to the values a higher power would have. Most of Tasmania's conservative 'no to same sex marriage' politicians are also intent on trashing the entire natural world. Even though in Tasmania's case the so-called 'government' actually slaughtered Aboriginals to get their hands on the mountains, forests and land of the original owners. We don't even think the survey is about gays. We think it's about power, and these control freaks ability to force their illusions onto others. Thats why we voted 'yes'.
BTW You can tick or cross one of the two options the idiotic ABS presents to you.

The Survey is Illegal
Turnbull used the electoral roll to carry out his survey. How can you vote in a survey? We suspect the survey breaches the Australian Constitution by using one  government entity to do the work of another government entity. Then again, a lot of Turnbull's ministers are sitting in parliament illegally anyway. Thats the kind of world the Liberal Lawyers have created for the rest of us. A broken-down, bankrupt, basket case nation with no morals, values, rationality, common sense or logic.

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