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29 May 2017

Aboriginal Summit Rejects Recognition In Colonialist Constitution

This week's Uluru decision would have really stung the Liberal lawyers in Turnbull's government. Australia has a government made-up almost entirely of lawyers with some accountants thrown-in. Lawyers worship the myth of the 'Westminster System' and the 'Constitution' because it enshrines racism, theft, human rights abuses (and genocide) and the imported British class system. All things the Liberal wigs and bean counters love. A 'treaty' is something entirely different, and it leaves the Liberal lawyers exposed as subservient yes-men to a foreign monarch.
Which is entirely what they are. In a nutshell they are 100% un-Australian.

The fact is Aboriginals were left out of Australia's Constitution deliberately by a British penal colony regime determined to destroy them entirely. That's why they stole their children and destroyed their culture, in Tasmania's case almost completely.

Remember that Australia's Constitution was an act of British parliament. Britain's best thinking for Australia was somewhere to dump their criminals and convicts. They went on to exploit our resources, import their rabbits and foxes and basically phuk the place over.

Inside Tasmania likes the truth even if it is uncomfortable for many. We appreciate what the Aboriginal leaders decided at Uluru in May 2017.
BTW. You won't get this in Australia's gutless, corrupt media.

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