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Nine Entertainment, News Ltd and Seven West Media use your subscriptions to turn Australia into a debt-ridden, failed state. They are even covering-up serious sex crimes inside Australia's Parliament House. Paywall media charge you to see ads while Google charge you not to see ads. Paywall media also give you sanitized news. Why is TV free when the costs are higher than online media? This is scammer media upholding scammer government.

26 May 2017

The 'Fighting Cancer' Industry

Ready to get outdoors for a good cause? Sure, but ever wondered why your 'find a cure' charity run avoids all the known carcinogen hotspots like the farmland that grows your food?

Industrial Farming
Crop farmers are rewarded financially for spraying crops to maximise their profits, and you eat those crops that contain known carcinogens.
The fact is ' Modern Life Is a Frightening Experiment in How Much Exposure We Can Take from Toxic Chemicals'.
The obedient media can't afford to lose advertising revenue from the $770 billion a year chemical industry.
Our so-called 'regulators' are so corrupt and compromised with donations and kickbacks that they would rather let their constituents die than call out the chemical industry moguls. You are the victim.
Lets think again about funding research into deadly, industrialised, greed-driven farming and mass-consumerism? Wouldn't it be better to look at the real causes of cancer and other diseases rather than using cancer research to prop-up a chemical-dependent, consumer products market?

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