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10 Aug 2016

ABS Blames Hackers For Crashing The Census

Who saw this coming? Certainly not the Australian Bureau of Statistics who spent census day (Tuesday August 9) reassuring Australians how safe their data will be, only to have most of the census data fail to reach their system.
"It was an attack, and we believe from overseas," chief statistician David Kalisch told ABC radio on Wednesday.
"It was quite clear it was malicious."
The site was targeted by four denial of service (DoS) attacks, he told the ABC.
Interesting, because no DoS activity was detected in Australia on Tuesday August 9.

On Wednesday August 10 the Digital Attack Map still shows no DoS activity for Australia.
The Bureau of Meteorology Hack
Less than a year ago China was blamed for a massive hack on the Aussie weather bureau.
The thing is, government agencies like the Signals Directorate and the Australian Cyber Security Centre are not able to trace where these attacks are coming from and are unable to prove who is behind them.
Doesn't this make David Kalisch's assurances about the security of personal data harvested by the ABS, including names and addresses, just a lot of hot air?
Kalisch can't name whoever carried out the census night attack on the ABS computers so how can he claim our data is safe if most of it got lost in cyberspace between our homes and his computers?
The ABS Are Chronic Liars
This interesting article tracks the lies the ABS has been telling the Australian public. This is a department that is unsupervised and out of control.

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