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23 Aug 2016

Is Philippines President Duterte A Serial Killer?

More proof idiots elect idiots. Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has so far killed 1800 people in 7 weeks on the grounds that somebody thinks they could be an addict or drug dealer. Duterte is a lawyer and to get around the Philippines ban on capital punishment, in force since 2006, he instructed police and vigilantes to kill 'pushers and addicts' in extra judicial executions without trial. Duterte claimed publicly to have shot a fellow student while in law school.
For a person of any nationality with a law degree to declare one section of their society can start murdering another section of their society with impunity is completely criminal. Duterte is just a gutter criminal.

At left we see Duterte using the mind-altering drug alcohol. Will his murdering thugs start shooting alcoholics after they have cleaned-up the so-called 'addicts'? And what about breweries, will they be burned to the ground as well?
The problem with this blood bath style of low IQ populism is it has no end. Duterte has legalised murder, he has murderers walking the streets and on the public payroll, he is a murderer himself for ordering the killings.
As they say in Asia and the rest of the world, 'live by the sword, die by the sword'.


Its criminal for Australian telco Telstra to use the Philippines for it's call centers. Because the Philippines are in the same time zone as Australia is no reason for Telstra to support an anarchist serial killer like Rodrigo Duterte.
If Telstra is so determined to undermine the Australian economy then why don't they put their call centers in Papua New Guinea, a country that needs jobs and an opportunity to develop it's economy? Australians need to vote with their feet. If Telstra are using a criminal regime that has enshrined anarchy then why use Telstra as your service provider?


Anonymous said...

i agree!

Anonymous said...

He is a serial murder. No doubt about that. And he has the poor and the powerless for a target.

Anonymous said...

This is another blasphemous post. Duterte is god to 16 million Filipinos. Whoever made this post is either a drug lord, drug addict or a paid media. Noone should oppose him. He is an almighty. He is never wrong. He is the new standard of ethics and morality. He has turned killing into a moral thing and cursing as a diplomatic means to get ahead over other nations. He will make the Philippines great again!

Anonymous said...

why you people talk to much, instead of publishing and talking to much shit in the social media page why you dont file a case to trial court and present your evidence and prove it in the court so that this man will be put in jail.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gringo,
If you don't need law courts then you don't need a police force either? Maybe you don't need elections or an education system. Duterte claims he went to law school to learn how to shoot a gun....after his relationship with a priest...