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31 Jul 2016

MH370 - Ditched Into The Indian Ocean As Revenge Against Razak Najib

Tonights 60 Minutes program in Australia provided compelling evidence that Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was ditched into the Southern Ocean under full control of one pilot.
Uniform water damage on the underside of a Boeing 777 flaperon discovered on Reunion Island in the West Indian Ocean has identical damage to a 777 wing flap found in Tanzania in June 2016.
These components can only be manually lowered during flight. That means human involvement in the ditching of the aircraft, and brings us back to the mental state of the pilots of the missing aircraft. Exactly where we were 2 years ago.
Pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was politically active, a supporter of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and was in the courtroom as Anwar was sentenced to 5 years prison on false charges by corrupt dictator Najib Razak. He ditched the aircraft later that night, only hours after the sentencing of Anwar.
Data recovered from Shah's home flight simulator shows an identical flight path to the Southern Indian Ocean. Shah had deleted this flight data from his simulator. This has been known since 2014 and with the new evidence appears to implicate the older pilot.
Shah's daughter said her father was 'lost and disturbed' and his marriage was on the rocks.
It could easily have been the orchestrated trial of Anwar that pushed Zaharie Shah over the edge. What other explanation is there at the present time? None.
Malaysian Airlines was majority owned by the Malaysian Government in 2014 and that government is run by one of the most corrupt dictators on Earth - Razak Najib.
Also in 2014 we read that copilot Fariq Abdul Hamid tried to make a 'desperate call' just before the plane vanished.
If you put together what was known in 2014 with what is known now, it's hard not to come to the conclusion this was the work of one pilot. This could well be a 'case closed' for the ill-fated flight MH370.
Watch the 60 Minutes segment here:

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