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21 Jul 2015

Hobart Mercury - Tasmania's Most Corrupt Newspaper - Don't Buy It

The News Ltd tax-bludgers.

This week Mercury 'chief executive' Rex Gardner called for an increase in the GST while his own employer News Ltd, avoids paying billions of dollars tax in Australia. This is the sleaze and hypocrisy we now expect from the Murdoch sock puppets.
The Hobart Mercury routinely carries-out rampant censorship and massaging of the 'news'. They continuously failed to publish the reasons behind a long-running standoff involving fuel tanker the 'Alexander Spirit' that went-on for most of July 2015 in Tasmania. Why? Because it reveals the Liberal government is closing-down all Australian fuel refining capacity just to suit Singapore, the tax-avoiding signatory to the Trans Pathetic Partnership trade agreement. The Mercury is probably pleased Singapore syphons billions of dollars out of the Australian economy every year because undermining our economy is what these magotts do best.

Another day, another shark attack but the evil fascists at the Hobart Mercury refuse to publish any comments linking over-fishing, supertrawlers and the increasing numbers of shark attacks. Dutch bastards P&P even claim to be sending frozen fish from Australia to South Africa, where the latest attack on surfing great Mick Fanning happened. So why aren't P&P supertrawlers fishing in South African waters or have they already been fished out? Fanning could have been killed by the supertrawling bastards and the Mercury editors would not miss a seconds sleep over it. Why? Because their news is dished-out by multinational corporate psychopaths. They will kill ordinary people for their own wealth if they think nobody is watching. Bad news Mercury, we are watching.

Proof the Hobart Mercury censors comments after offering readers the opportunity to make a comment.

Mercury has killed commenting on stories completely. As of July 21 we see no opportunity to comment on any Mercury story.
Often comments are never published on the Hobart Mercury, or the ability to comment on a particular story is removed completely. Sometimes the story itself disappears completely after comments have been made. This is how the Hobart Mercury protects the business interests of News Corp and the Liberal government.
A comment that was never published on the Hobart Mercury.

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