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Paywall media in Australia is corrupt. The big 3 media empires whitewash corruption in the LNP government. Paywall media take your money in return for sanitized news plus advertising. How come you don't pay for free to air TV when the costs are higher? You can trust most independent blogsites. It's probably the only place you will find the truth anymore. We can keep the internet free.

24 Jul 2015

Bronwyn Bishop Chopper Meme Goes Ballistic

By now most of us have seen the Bronwyn Bishop helicopter meme on Facebook and elsewhere. We are pleased to note the meme now incorporates all the Abbott policy lies from the last few years. Looks like Australians are revolting at the revolting bullshit Abbott has attempted to dump onto the Australian people. We say 'good' and keep it up right to the next election. The bastards have got to learn we are not as silly as they are.

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