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17 Dec 2014

Why Are We Wasting $630 Million A Year On ASIO?

We have just seen Australian spy agencies fail to protect us from a deranged extremist, even with the assistance of over 54 anti-terror laws and an almost unlimited budget for spy agencies.
The current ASIO budget is cruising along at at incredible $630 million PA. ASIO has a new $700 million headquarters that remains empty years after Chinese hackers stole blueprints of the building. Not to worry, ASIO is still an 'age of entitlement' zone as far as Tony Abbott and ASIO boss George 'Metadata' Brandis are concerned. And the blueprints couldn't have fallen into friendlier hands with the totalitarian Maoists the new darlings of the Abbott-Credlin Liberal Party. The fact Communist China quietly maintains the Dandong lifeline to North Korea never reaches the the ASIO cabinet briefing papers.
Just like our uranium sales to the UAE goes unnoticed by the desktop lawyers of the Australian Liberal Party. Abbott and Brandis don't care the UAE has spent years funding the religious extremist 'madrassas' of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
No, the unaccountable, politically-driven spooks at ASIO are spying on normal Australians. People like film critic David Statton and deceased Aboriginal Eddie Mabo are more important to ASIO than actual 'terrorists'. This is what Abbott and Brandis want in our view. A fascist dictatorship right here in Australia where they can manipulate public opinion and suppress criticism of their own mental confusion by pretending to be fighting a war on 'terror'. The truth is Abbott and Brandis are helping the 'terrorists' by wasting resources spying on harmless intellectuals, environmentalists and free-speech activists.

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