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3 Dec 2014

Nikolic Holds Press Conference On Previous Government's Freight Scheme

Above we see the 'Boofhead Brigadier from Bass' Andrew Nikolic being interviewed at a press conference convened by Andrew Wilkie and Jacqui Lambie.
Nikolic and the 3 amigos have been backbenchers in the Liberal government for over a year now, so to gatecrash a press conference on Bass Strait shipping convened by Tasmanian independents is typically 'Nikolic'.
Nikolic must have got bored sitting in his office looking at pictures of himself. Nikolic is obsessed by his military 'service' and sees himself as a future defense minister.
Serbian-born Nikolic is used to fronting the media as a defense spokesperson during the Afghanistan War. He could comfortably explain away Australians shooting children at a checkpoint.
This is in stark contrast to Tasmanian MP Andrew Wilkie who was the Iraq weapons of mass destruction whistle-blower.
Andrew Nikolic's military role in Iraq saw him training the Iraqi army at Australian taxpayers expense. In fact, it seems Nikolic has lived his entire life on the public payroll. Nikolic's training didn't end-up happily with the Iraqi Army dropping their weapons and fleeing during this years ISIS invasion of Northern Iraq. It's about time people started gatecrashing Nikolic's inane and  manipulative press conferences.

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