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26 Dec 2014

How Abbott Will Crash The Australian Economy In 2015

We have been documenting the Abbott Governments inexorable shift to turning the global economy into the Australian economy. Initially surprised, we now see that decades of globalisation sleep walking by the 2 major parties has created a 'no return' situation. Simply put, they are in so far they can't get out. Abbott's solution to the obvious failure of globalisation is the absolute externalisation of the Australian economy.
Its safe to say the current Australian government has become completely voracious in its quest for other peoples money. Anybody's money will do when you are scrounging to find interest on a $656 billion debt that is growing by the minute.

Now Abbott is going to apply the GST to the output of other countries. Say you buy something from Britain? It will be slugged with the English VAT and when it lands here Abbott will slap a 10% GST on it as well. Abbott is simply inflating the world economy to pay himself, or at least the things a brain-dead Liberal thinks are his. Things like endless white supremacist wars and deadly alliances with bearded oil dictators from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. Abbott can't tell the difference between Islamic State and the State of Islam that is home to Mecca (a place where women are not allowed to drive cars). Abbott thinks they are the good guys. Abbott must be an imbecile to even want to be PM and have to manage the compound debt of decades of Lib-Lab misadventure. The major parties are as dumb as each other because Australian politics uses smokescreens and diversions to present an illusion of political alternatives. Abbotts economic hope are the numerous free trade agreements. Agreements that are so weighted against Australia that Abbott is too scared to release the content of.
So where is the charade going?

2015 will be a year of followers and mass movements. Abbott will learn the hard way that an Englishman with a fake god and a fake queen doesn't cut it in the 2015 digital world economy. Whatever he does to manipulate foreign exchange and the internet will be quickly neutralized by the sheer numbers of people in developing countries that are often debt-free and have built-up an economic momentum. Some of these countries now have nuclear weapons thanks to people like Tony Abbott. Please be warned - 2015 will be a difficult for anybody in business in Australia. You are just a blood stream for the Liberal leaches to suck dry. People have been predicting debt and globalisation would start to unravel eventually and that day is now much closer. The only thing Abbott understands is money and his greed will drag Australia into the abyss. Take a look around? We are already there aren't we?

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