17 Nov 2014

Abbott - Loves Maoists, Hates Lefties

Even Abbott has lost the Liberal narrative, confusing Tasmania and China in a feeding frenzy of free trade agreements.  The Liberals spent years accusing the ABC of a 'left leaning bias' yet Abbott has totally embraced Maoist, Communist China as the savior of Australia's economy.

So here we have an English-born monarchist who allegedly sat in Australia's parliament while still a British citizen, championing the causes of dozens of  foreign entities ranging from Sharia law states to the Maoist Peoples Republic of China, while at home bashing the ABC, environmentalists, conservationists and anybody with a left-leaning view. No, it doesn't make sense unless Tony Abbott is a global prostitute who only worships money. Or maybe just a common psychopath?
We have said here before that Abbott works exclusively against the Australian interest and events keep confirming that view.
The British Royals are better than Australians, The US are better than Australians, Hollywood movie studios are better than Australians, Malaysia's busted-arse airline is better than Australians, The United Arab Emirates are better than Australians, Communist Chinese are better than Australians, even Vladimir Putin is better than Australians. Abbott spent millions protecting Putin from the very people Abbott is supposed to represent. Something is very wrong in Australia and we say the problem is the irrational anarchy of a 'democratic' hereditary monarchy (WTF?) run by a 'ten pound pom' who is really an international shoe shine boy and globalisation yes-man.

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