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11 Mar 2013

Tas Government Probably Caused The 2013 Bushfires

Links from the Hobart Mercury. 
In 2011, the State Fire Management Council recommended the Government spend $25.7 million over four years to increase fuel reduction burns across Tasmania. Those reduction burns didn't happen and the government ignored the advice from the Fire Management Council. Today they are covering-up the report itself.
Fire in a Gunns tree plantation at Lake Repulse.

Above is a fire in a tree plantation once owned by failed Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) company Gunns. MIS plantations are often on land owned by farmers who are not getting any income from the tree-locked land. There is the real possibility they are getting rid of the trees using fire. The plantations also suck massive amounts of water out of the landscape. This makes the landscape drier in the peak bushfire months. What we have in Tasmania is gross mismanagement of the landscape by a corrupt  and inept government. The reason the government can't afford fuel reduction burns or even hospitals and a functional police service is because they siphon public money into private companies. The state government has waged an almost total war on the population of Tasmania. When they wanted to replace the burned-down Dunally Primary School they used a Victorian supplier of temporary buildings at the same time as the Tasmanian prefabricated dwellings builder Park Homes went into receivership.

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Unknown said...

As an MIS investor in Gunns, I'm feeling a bit lost as to what my options are and what the future holds. I'd love to chat to other investors. I created a facebook group to discuss.