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16 Mar 2013

Bryan Green - Australia's Most Incompetent State Minister

We have some real dross in Australian public life but it's hard to find a state minister and deputy premier who has lowered the bar as far as Tasmania's Bryan Green. Bryan has the unfortunate knack of turning everything he touches to shit. After failing to be cleared of criminal charges and getting busted drink-driving, Bryan managed to outsource almost his entire portfolio to a revolving door of crooks, charities and clowns in the ridiculous and open-ended  'Tasmanian Forest Agreement'.
The forest agreement could be the pinnacle of Bryans inept primary industries ministry but when you think he's hit the bottom, Bryan manages an even bigger bungle. Bryan presides over a multi-million dollar 'Fox Taskforce' that has never found a fox. He tried to save money on fuel reduction burns leading to the destruction of hundreds of homes in the January 2013 bushfires. He specialises in endless revolving doors of payouts and buyouts of logging contractors and sawmills that simply change their name and queue-up for another buyout. He decided to 'restructure' the Tasmanian logging industry after it had already collapsed. He pays people to truck logs from one end of the island to another. He has even trucked logs back into the forests. Bryan is totally clueless on everything concerning his portfolio. Most Tasmanians think Bryan is corrupt but we believe this term is too complimentary for this pinnacle of stupidity and gross incompetence.

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Anonymous said...

Bryan Green should be sacked as a Minister. He would have to be the most incompentent Minister in political history in Tasmania. Brenton Best should take over all of his portfolios. Make Brenton earn his pay pay and put his money where his mouth is. Cannot get worse.