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20 Mar 2013

Sting Operation In Sarawak Exposes Taib Cartel And Implicates Ta Ann Owner

UPDATE Taib's London lawyers spent weeks trying to gag this Global Witness expose. Watch the video and find out why.
NGO Global Witness carried out a sting operation targeting corruption in Sarawak. They were sent to members of chief minister Taib's family. Pretending to be British investors buying land for palm oil plantations, they secretly filmed members of Taibs cartel. Implicating the cartel for tax evasion and money laundering were two sisters who are cousins of Taib and a lawyer who works for at least three companies run by Hamed Sepawi. Sepawi is also a cousin of the chief minister and chairman of Ta Ann.

Our evidence. Ta Ann owner Hamed Sepawi has been implicated by crooked lawyer Alvin Chong. Chong reveals he is willing to participate in corrupt activities that should put the perpetrators behind bars. A prominent Sarawak lawyer, Chong is linked to numerous activities by Taib Mahmud and his nominee cousin Hamid Sepawi. Read on to see how Tasmania's Ta Ann is part of a multi billion dollar global crime ring.

Alvin Chong is company lawyer for Naim Cendara, Sarawak Plantations and Dayang Enterprise
Holdings. Companies chaired by Hamed Sepawi. Chong also represents the Director of Sarawak Land & Surveys. He even managed the stock market launch for Sarawak Cable, which Taib has handed to his son, Abu Bekir.
Alvin Chong - corrupt lawyer

Below are pages from Naim Holdings and Sarawak Plantations annual reports. Two companies that link the lawyer prepared to engage in graft, money laundering and tax evasion with Ta Ann's owner Hamed Sepawi.
From Naim Holdings Annual Report

From Sarawak Plantations Annual Report
 THE DENIALS                                                                                                                              Taib's response to the Global Witness sting 
This video may have been set-up by Taib himself. He is very devious.

 Sarawak Report - Taibs reaction - blame his uncle and Global Witness 

Alvin Chongs lame denial of the evidence is here.

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Anonymous said...

I wondered why Richard Chandler Corp had gone from Switzerland to Monaco to Dubai to Singapore. Thanks Alvin Chong for explaining it so eloquently.
Down with Taib.
Down with Ta Ann and the Tasmanian-Sarawak corruption bridge.