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29 Mar 2013

Rolf Harris Questioned In Saville Child Abuse Investigation

Inside Tasmania broke this story 2 weeks before the mainstream world media.
There have been reports a prominent  Australian entertainer was questioned (or even arrested) yesterday March 28, as part of the Jimmy Savile child sex abuse investigation Operation Yewtree. He was briefly named by Wikipedia as Rolf Harris before the entry was removed. We discovered Harris was "questioned under caution for sexual offences in a South London Police Station last November and spent Christmas in The Priory, a private ‘psychiatric’ clinic for the rich and famous". These events could be highly embarrassing for both the Australian and British governments as well as the Monarchy. Harris was awarded an Order of Australia and an Order of the British Empire (AO and CBE). Savile himself was a close friend of Prince Charles, awarded an OBE and even knighted by the Queen and the Pope. We previously covered Savile's well connected life and awards here.
Inside Tasmania does not buy-into conspiracy theories involving the British royal family and the abuse of children but we do accept the Catholic Church has acted as a magnet for mainly homosexual paedophiles over the centuries. Our theory is that the reason the Catholic Church can no longer contain its continuous sexual scandals is because of the new openness and acceptance of gay people in modern society. At one time the clergy would have been one of the few career choices for gay people but today it is just another option. That has bought the secret role of the church as a haven for child sex abusers into the open we think.

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