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30 Aug 2012

The Magiris And Seafish Tasmania Are Owned By The Same Company

We can reveal the supertrawler the Magiris and the company 'Seafish Tasmania Pelagic' are owned by the same Dutch company Parlevliet & Van der Plas
Thanks to an ASIC document available here it's obvious 'Seafish Tasmania Pelagic' is a front company for Parlevliet & Van der Plas.
The entities 'Seafish Tasmania Pelagic' and  'Seafish Tasmania' are registered to the same 78 Freepoint Road Triabunna business address.
Given an employee of Seafish Tasmania is an advisor to the regulator that manages Australia's fishing industry AFMA, Inside Tasmania believes this is more than just another 'conflict of interest'. Dirk and Jan Parlevliet and Dirk van der Plas have obviously put in a lot of thought and planning into removing Tasmania's fish stocks. What 'inducements' were offered to the Tasmanian Labor Government?
Sadly Tasmania has become a magnet for operators like Parlevliet and van der Plas, thanks to the very low intelligence of Tasmanian politicians.


Anonymous said...

Prepare for the onslaught TTN, Seafish have their 'academic' cronies hitting the social media sites big time in an attempt to discredit opposition to the death-star.....apparently the uninformed public need appropriate guidance towards the true science.
Like your last sentence, keep up the good work btw.

Anonymous said...

The FV Margiris is but a symptom of the "quota" system of fisheries management whereby a "company" buys the rights to the fish and can pretty much determine how they catch them.

Dig deeper and see who was involved in setting up this system of management in Australia - economists.

Then see who those economists are - this has been a plan a long time on the making.

The conflict of interest might go deeper than you currently think.

Anonymous said...

I dont thimk its wise to call the tasmanian people dumb arse, after all there is a lot good folk over there who are just as concerned as we are and like on the mainland thereare those people who would do what ever it takes and regardless of who or what they destroy just make a quick buck.
I do agree that to me there seems to be a conflict of some sort here,, but in legal terms im not so sure,The Lukin owned fisheries and their boats in Pt Lincoln been there for decades without any so called conflict of interest.
Now don"t get me wrong here ,i am dead against what these people are attempting to do and what their long term plans are, and i would say it will not be to our benifit for sure.

Stop The Super Trawler said...

Careful guys... it is "Seafish Tasmania Pelagic" that is owned by the Dutch. "Seafish Tasmania" is a separate company that will probably sell/lease its quota to "Seafish Tasmania Pelagic".

The bottom-line is still that a Dutch-owned company will be operating the super trawler in Australian waters.

Very interesting to note Gerry Geen's address is not even in Tasmania - he resides in NSW...

Anonymous said...

Here is one for the conspirators - http://www.afma.gov.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Chairs_Summary_South_East_MAC_Teleconference_SPF_TACs_26_March_2012.pdf

Freely available minutes online - no FI Act crap needed. I shall paraphrase for those who can't be stuffed doing their homework

Page 3 Line 1

The MAC reviewed the standing declarations of potential conflicts of interest and noted the following
declarations specific to the SPF:
Mr Gerry Geen Direct conflict of interest in regard to TAC setting noting that Seafish Tasmania P/L holds approximately 60% of the Jack Mackerel SFRs, 70% of the Redbait (east) SFRs, 30% of Blue Mackerel (east) SFRs and significant quota holdings in the western zone.

Mr Jeff Moore Declared a professional interest (as GABIA EO) in the condition on concessions which requires that SPF operators wishing to mid-water trawl in the Great Australian Bight (currently Zone B) to have a GABTF Boat SFR attached to their SPF package.

Mr Les Scott Managers a partnership which holds a Jack Mackerel endorsement.

Updated and existing declarations are provided in Attachment 2."

Page 8 Attachment 2: Line 16:
"Mr Gerry Geen A partner in Seafish Tasmania Pty Ltd that holds: two Zone A, B, C, D midwater trawl; purseseine Permit packages; four Zone A purse-seine SPF Permits; four Tasmanian purse-seine Jack Mackerel Permits; and a Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Trawl Boat SFR Direct conflict of interest in regard to TAC setting noting that Seafish Tasmania Pty Ltd holds approximately 60% of the Jack Mackerel SFRs, 70% of the Redbait (east) SFRs, 30% of Blue Mackerel (east) SFRs and significant quota holdings in the western zone."

9 people were part of the group, two apologies and 7 present which gives Mr Geen only 1/7th of the voice and 1/9th of the quorum does it not?

Anonymous said...

Has Australia has massively increased the size of its marine parks to support super trawlers? Whats the use if super trawlers are going to make the area just outside deserts? All species for an natural part of a food chain. Hope the bloody thing sinks.

Anonymous said...

The federal government are on a hiding to nothing over this issue, AFMA, it's processes and the marine scientists involved have lost serious credibility at the very least and Seafish....well, just chalk this one up to experience, no harm done.

Did they really need a crystal ball to see this one coming?

Anonymous said...

It appears that we Australians dont have a voice that can be heard by this (our) government, and that juggling the environmental books by taking from recreationals and australian owned fisheries with the creation of marine parks and sanctuary zones ( where we are not allowed to fish) and in the next breath allowing foreign owned vessels such as the MAGIRIS to pillage our EEZ. This is a mind boggling decision, lock us out of our environment but let international interests in. And I thought AUSTRALIA was for AUSTRALIANS, not with this GOVERNMENT!

Anonymous said...

Geen clearly states he has been working on the super-trawler introduction for seven years, and with his current business partner and ex-AFMA chairman Stuart Richie also on the board, you don't consider there may have been pressure on other members to conform to a quota 'adjustment' to suit the large capacity vessel?

Also considering the science that under-pins the AFMA quota decisions is privately funded by the likes of Seafish (a current criticism by Dr. Jon Nevill), how can we have faith that calculations haven't been conveniently altered to suit the proponent?

Anonymous said...

Now for a campaign to cancel Seafish (Hollands) fishing quota forever.. and any other company, Australian or otherwise... (they are mostly Otherwise) who can't treat our country, our peoples and our resources with respect.. and behave in an innovative, sustainable and moral way.... GET OUT AND DON"T COME BACK...

Anonymous said...

One day the fools running this country might stop selling our resources to foreigners.Our Farms,Minerals,Fisheries etc.WHATS NEXT?