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4 Sept 2012

P&P Fishfinger Merchants Bring Down The Australian Government

These bastards are bringing down the Australian government.
The Gillard government was only just hanging in there before the Dutch supertrawler company P&P began ducking and weaving about stealing the inside of our marine food chain. Who cares if P&P rename the Magiris the 'Blueheeler' and register it in Alice Springs? If P&P are not dodgy fishfinger merchants then why don't they have Marine Stewardship Council certification for their pelagic removal operation? P&P are exploiting the weak, out of touch Australian fisheries Minister Joe Ludwig. Has anybody ever seen Joe Ludwig? How many times has Australia's Forests and Fisheries Minister visited Tasmania or Victoria or Western Australia? Has the fucker ever left Queensland other than his business class flights to Canberra where he works undermining the Australian economy by GIVING AWAY FISH?  Incredibly, the ALP say they can't understand why they are losing elections. Please email Joe and ask him why he now represents Holland? Did he get a brown paper bag? Remember Ludwig you don't own this fishery, we do.

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Anonymous said...

A nationwide declaration or war on the Gillard Government was announced today by all the recreational fishermans peak bodies, at last count this was more than five million people.

Requests have been made to all members to email and phone Ludwig and Burke everyday for one week.