4 Jul 2023

Tasmania's Woodchip Exports To China Have Stopped

At the end of May 2023 Communist Chinese ambassador Xiao Qia told Australia China were re-starting timber imports. What he didn't say was China, the Worlds biggest paper maker had a massive paper glut because of the global economic meltdown they unleased with COVID. China caused the money-printing, run-away inflation and massive debt in the capitalist democracies they parasitize.

Since the ambassador's edict TasPorts has loaded only one woodchip carrier bound for Communist China. The future is not looking good for Midway and Artec, the two woodchippers supplied by Tasmanian government front company STT. 

Midway must be feeling it after incompetent Tasmanian politicians invited them to establish in Tasmania after the winding-down of Victoria's native logging. Midway should demand compensation from Guy Barnett who obviously promised them the Communists would buy woodchips forever.

The real issue is the Tasmanian Liberal government do no due diligence on anything. We have been warning Tasmanians that the Chinese economic boom is an illusion. Their GDP figures are made of tea leaves and no Westerner has ever seen them. No Chinese has ever seen them either because only Dictator Xi and a few cronies know how broken the Chinese economy really is.

At the moment Forico is unaffected because they sell only to Japan. Smartfibre who only chip plantation timber could also be hit because all of their exports go to Communist China. We have little sympathy for Smartfibre because they are owned by US oligarchs exploiting lazy Tasmanian politicians and profiting from the brutal Communist regime.

If you want to see what Tasmanian politicians were too lazy to discover, check Serpentza's YouTube Channel

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