8 Aug 2022

Vladimir Putin - Classic Small Man Syndrome

 The short guy should be behind bars

By coincidence the girl to the right of basket player Brittney Griner is 5' 7" tall, the same height as Vladimir Putin. Brittney Griner is 6' 9".
It's a big height difference, but to psychologists thats normal for the small men who invade other countries. The Napoleon complex was named after Emperor Napoleon who was also 5' 7" . He devoted his career to invading other countries including Egypt. He also attempted to invade Russia.

Sure enough John Howard who invaded Iraq based on fake intelligence hits the scales 5' 7".
The small man syndrome - invasion paradox is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to psychology. 

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Putin on the other hand has murdered tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians, shot down a commercial aircraft, caused a humanitarian disaster in Syria and murdered or imprisoned many Russians while struggling to stay in power.

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