2 Feb 2022

Australian Aid To Tonga - What A Disaster

We reported how Australia launched a 'sightseeing mission' to Tonga to provide video footage of damage from the huge volcano to pro-Liberal news networks at taxpayers expense.*

ADF photo HMAS Adelaide 'stranded' at Vuna Wharf Tonga

Then Australia sent HMAS Adelaide to Tonga carrying disaster relief and COVID.
The ADF confirmed Adelaide has had 51 COVID cases, with 23 active and 43 isolating onboard. (02-02-2022)

Unbelievably, Australia's largest battleship the Adelaide is now stranded at Vuna Wharf in Tonga after suffering a 'massive' electrical power and communications failure. Remember three years ago when the Defense Minister was struggling to cover-up an alleged sex crime in her own office? Looks like the Liberals really are unable to defend the country. Then again, Morrison has already let all of our enemies into the country, selling Darwin Port to the Communists and making sure people who throw stones at a big rock in the Middle East are 100% tax-deductible. Morrison supports brainwashing children and then wonders why his country is bankrupt?

Two Tongan dockworkers contracted COVID and infected their families leading to a complete lockdown in Tonga.

The ADF is scrambling to plead innocence saying a visiting Japanese ship also has COVID.

Channel 7 And Border Security

* If you have ever watched Border Security on Kerry Stokes Seven Network, you may have realised your taxes paid for all of the footage. This appears to be a convenient arrangement for a Liberal donor and the 7 network. Was the Border Security access offered in an open tender process?

It shows Border Force are totally incompetent in our view. At Australian airports they carefully sort through bags of food items rather than declaring all food a bio hazard and destroying the lot. Why is the Australian taxpayer funding this time-wasting? 'Oh birds nests with insects crawling around, in the bin they go' WTF? Compare this to how the Australian government treat people in retirement homes? They lock them in solitary confinement.

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