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7 Jun 2021

Morrisons Inquiry Into What They Didn't Know And When They Didn't Know It


Gaetjens (AAP/Lukas Coch)
Scott Morrison must be amazed at how well the sedatives are working on the media and the population. After failing to investigate if Bridget McKenzie had the legal authority to use $100million taxdollars as sports grants, Phil Gaetjens was on a short list of one to discover how long his own office didn't know a woman was raped down the hall 2 years ago.

Morrison has indicated the 'who knew what when' probe will probably never be publicly released. Of course Morrison can't comment on 'in office matters' but if he is so secretive, why hold an inquiry at all? It's so Morrison can have a press conference and publicly exonerate himself and pretend he is not a common criminal. Anyway he spins it, this is a PR disaster and he knows it. 'Vote 1 Rapist Government' is too easy to print and distribute in time for the next election

Keep Up To Date On The Gaetjens Inquiry With Our 'When We Knew' Clock

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It was at 110 days at time of writing. Gaetjens 'paused' his investigation because it could 'disrupt' the police investigation. It's never been clear what Gaetjens is investigating. They defined it as 'contact between Scott Morrison’s political staff and Brittany Higgins'. Contact? Seriously, Morrison's corruptoids have put her in hospital. The police investigation has gone to 807 days with no sign of charges being laid for a crime at the very epicenter of Australian politics, and the PM's Office is investigating 'contact with his staff'? There was contact all right Scott, it's called 'rape'.

Why Was The AFP Rape Investigation And The Gaetjens Probe Forced To Overlap?

To any observer they don't overlap at all. The police are investigating a sex crime and Gaetjens is investigating a departmental cover-up and incompetence. Only Scott Morrison thought they were somehow linked. Why? What was the rapist's real relationship with the PM's office?

Why Did Morrison Bring His Family Into a Rape Case? 

Morrison broadcast nationally that he sought advice from wife Jenny who asked him to consider "what would you want to happen if it were our girls"?

What a strange request? The Prime Minister of Australia must now consider that his own daughters were raped in Parliament House by a crazed Liberal Party apparatchik possibly using drink spiking?

It didn't make sense to us either. Unfortunately, it draws Jenny Morrison into this freakshow. Why did she become a player? As a result, some of the twitterati have made outrageous claims about her.

What was Scott's response to Jenny's suggestion? 

After imagining his own daughters being raped in his own defense ministers office, Morrison leaves it up to the victims to report the crime, allows his government to run a long cover-up due to an election, allows them to be called 'lying cows' by the defense minister, holds a fake inquiry into how long it took his office to be told about the rape and then made sure the criminal investigation dragged-on long enough for it to become an historical rape.

Crucially, he covered-up the rapist's name, forcing the rape victim to hide the rapists identity. The very thing Morrison awarded Grace Tame Australian of the Year for. That's how Morrison acted on his wife's advice. In short, Morrison protected the rapist and abused the victim.

The real victim has since been hospitalized due to Scott Morrison's psychopathic behavior. BELOW. Look at Morrison's leering, demented face as he turns another sex crime into a photo op.

Picture: Sitthixay Ditthavong

Unmute Yourself Scott Morrison

Right now, the Morrison government is running an $18 million ad campaign asking Australians to 'unmute themselves' about violence toward women. So why has Scott Morrison 'muted himself' for 2 years over the identity of the Parliament House Rapist? We think the 'Unmute Yourself' campaign was actually inspired by the Parliament House Rape and cover-up.

What Can I Do?

There are a lot of people in Australia who are good amateur sleuths and like uncovering corruption. We have tried a broad synopsis of a devious, lecherous, Prime Minister and his handling of 'the only rape case ever recorded inside our Houses of Parliament'.
For reasons unknown to the public, Scott Morrison is doing everything in his power to suppress the facts. Morrison has not wanted the rapist named in public. Compare that to Jarryd Hayne now behind bars for his alleged crime?

If you are a parliament insider, tech wiz or an angry Australian, have a go at uncovering some of this outrageous criminality? Morrison often makes mistakes and is leaving a trail of clues. If you can't publish yourself get in contact with the many independent media and bloggers who can. Some of them are in the links bar at the top. Together we can solve this one for sure.

Eventually The Identity Of The Parliament House Rapist Will Be Revealed

A measure of the Morrison government's corruption is we had to constantly define which Liberal rape or alleged rape we were referring to in writing this article. How did we get to this point? 
We believe Scott Morrison's highly publicized membership of the church founded by a pedophile was really a message to the Liberal Party and his government that perversion and corruption will be acceptable and normalized in his administration.

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