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20 Jul 2020

Is Peter Rathjen A Sexual Predator And Pedophile Protector?

Peter Rathgen was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tasmania from 2011 to 2017.
We always thought it was sick that a UTAS Vice Chancellor would move an entire university campus a few kilometers South just to 'reinvigorate' the 'quiet' regional town of Launceston Tasmania.
What has reinvigorating a town got to do with higher education? Why are people who appear incapable of rational thought even running a university?

We knew of corruption at UTAS during Rathgen's tenure and we heard he was being investigated by South Australia's ICAC after moving to Adelaide University.
Today he resigned declaring 'ill health'. How convenient?

But it turns out a NY blogger knows all about Peter Rathgen .
We ask you to click this link to find out more. A lot more about Rathgens 'academic career'.

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