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4 Feb 2013

Jonathan West Attacks Tasmanians For Being Tasmanian

What a gutless performance from Simon Crean advisor Jonathan West blaming Tasmanians for their social and economic problems? West was also a Labor government advisor back in the Hawk era and has had countless opportunities to protect Tasmania from globalisation and corporate exploitation but chose not to. He supported Neanderthals like Gunns and the corrupt Taib regime from Sarawak.
He even ordered environmentalists not to campaign against Gunns pulp mill and Ta Ann in his (ahem) 'Independent' report for the Tasmanian Forests Agreement. Now this arrogant academic has the gall the accuse Tasmanians of 'refusing to confront reality'. As a result we are publishing a letter confirming that UTAS is leasing Jonathan Wests AIRC office from Jonathan Wests family using public money.

We have no reason to attack West but when we hear publicly-funded ABC journalist Leon Compton interviewing publicly-funded academic Jonathan West who doesn't mention decades of failed globalisation policy from the government he advises, then it's time to speak-out. We know West is a genetically modified food zealot and today he told Compton Tasmania could have the population of Sri Lanka (20 million). Why? So Tasmania can be a 3rd World state where people like Maharaja West feel comfortable inside their gated mansions? We think West is trying to save his hapless ALP cronies by spreading division in Tasmania. The ALP wanted to be in government and they wanted to manage the economy so why can't they do it? If Australias' economic conditions are determined outside Australia then why have a government at all? If Tasmania really is an island of Bogans then why are Wests ALP mates building bigger stadiums?

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