17 Nov 2019

Tasmania. Three Years For Killing A Pregnant Mother - Twenty One Years For Saving Forests

Tasmania is a neo-colonial penal colony run by disconnected Liberal lawyers Will Hodgman and Guy Barnett. We examine the new sentences they hope to bring-in to punish conservationists and legislate climate change denial. We compared the proposed laws to recent sentences for killing innocent people, incest and pedophilia in Tasmania.


Anti-protest law e-petition is here.
The Tasmanian government regard ancient Gondwanan forests as 'workplaces' that could be invaded by conservationists trying to stop the conversion of mature trees into woodchips that are used to make toilet paper in China and Taiwan. (Tasmanian government woodchips are only sold to China. Ask premier Hodgman if there are 1 or 2 Chinas?) Other trees supply the corrupt Asian Timber Mafia outfit Ta Ann installed here in a blatant kick-back scheme.

The Liberals have been trying to introduce this extreme law for years. Their last attempt failed after it was overturned by the High Court of Australia.
According to Hodgman  'Business should not be subject to disruption'.
But what about our climate? Why can that be subject to disruption?
'People who are going about earning a lawful living should be able to do that,' People are lawfully living in a stable climate and ecosystem and that trumps your piss-weak logic Hodgman.

But Hodgman and Barnett are having another go, this time with harsher sentences ranging from 18 months for a first 'offence', 4 years jail or a $10,000 fine for a second 'offence' and up to 21 years jail for repeat 'offenders'.

Jail Terms Compared to Other Sentences
Just a few months ago killer of pregnant mother Sarah Paino was released from jail after serving only 3 years for driving a stolen car thru a red light and killing an innocent pregnant mother. Unbelievably, the killer received a 2 1/2 year non-parole period. Just a bit longer than a first tree sit offense.

Tasmania - The Incest And Pedophile Friendly State 

Three months ago a Tasmanian male was given a 3 year sentence for raping his own daughter. A year short of a second tree sit offence.

Pedophilia is regarded as 'petty crime' by the Tasmanian Liberal lawyers. A high profile Launceston pedophile got just 2 years behind bars in March this year.

But didn't the father of premier Will Hodgman cover-up a pedophile ring at the Hutchins School Hobart?
Click this link to learn how corrupt Liberals protected a pedophile ring.

Will's father

Questions we want to ask Will Hodgman.

Was your father part of the Hutchins School pedophile ring?

Michael Hodgman was a member of the 'Old Boys Network' and was 'close to members of the board'. He knew a pedophile ring was operating at the school yet failed to inform police or anyone else. Do you agree with your father's cover-up of an active pedophile ring?
Did your father do a deal with the Hutchins School pedophile ring to protect you in return for allowing them to abuse other students?

Will Hodgman - Dark MOFO Or Police State?

Above on the right - premier Hodgman wears a pink onesie while drafting Bolsonaro-style climate Armageddon laws. Seen here playing with the 'Violent Femmes' a band he bankrolls using state revenue.
This is a 'conflict of interest' and corrupt.
It shows the entitlement and arrogance of Will Hodgman. The climate fascist has to bribe his way on stage so he looks 'creative'.


We are calling time on Dark MOFO. Who cares how many hotels they fill in winter with Hodgman's climate change blood money? Dark MOFO is not creative or even entertaining. It's publicly funded garbage peddled by Liberal totalitarians. We have a crisis on our hands and all Dark MOFO can offer is more diversions for the rich and entitled.


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