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13 Aug 2019

Why It Was Left To A Building To Deny A Prince Is A Pedophile

Back in early 2015 we found it hard to believe that 'Buckingham Palace is emphatically denying sex allegations against Prince Andrew'.
We questioned why it was left up to a building to assert Andrews' innocence?

Today that same building is doing it all over again 'Any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue'.

This time it's a 'spokeswoman' who is doing the denying but notice she is un-named? She may as well be a building.

Why nobody is putting their name to claims Andrew is not a pedophile?
The royals don't want to be implicated in alleged pedophilia and obviously nobody else does either. That's because a court could find Andrew guilty of sex with underage girls. If that eventuated, anyone who claimed he was innocent would have their reputation damaged for life. The fake queen has knighted quite a lot of pedophiles and the Andrew allegations are too close for their liking. If 'royalty' actually existed, they would not have to be so careful about public relations. That's not the case, maintaining an illusion takes a lot of energy.

The bigger picture - royalty is an invention

Because 'royalty' is an illusion and a myth, self-declared 'royals' have to prop each other up. Above we see British fake royals with a Sharia Law fake royal the 'sultan' of Brunei.
'Royal' DNA is just like everybody else's and they descended from primates like everybody else. Nobody is anymore royal than anybody else on this planet. Get over it phuktards and move on. Humanity is about intellectual progress rather than accepting delusion and illusion.

Back to 'prince' Andrew
The saddest thing about fake royals is that because they have everything they always want more. For many royals that leads to pedophilia which they regard as something they are entitled to.

In Tasmania we have had untold damage inflicted on us by the fake British monarchy. They transferred 75,000 criminals here, wiped-out our indigenous nation, introduced rabbits, gorse, cats, dogs, wombat mange and set-up a regime of psychopathic destruction and depravity.

Isn't it time the 'royals' were phased out? They could be replaced by a rule of creativity and intelligence. That's why we are such harsh critics of the fake royals throughout history and in every country.

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