20 May 2019

ScuMo Wins A $700 Billion Debt With No Chance To Repay

After the muted jubilation of ScuMo's 'miraculous' election victory we can turn to what this means for the country.

With federal debt soaring to over $700 billion ScuMo wants to hand-out tax cuts.
Imbecile, actually.
Australia is already broke but this is the bloke who re-opened an immigration detention centre just to hold a press conference.

Shyster treasurer Frydenberg and his 'budget surpluses' are from the mythical land of unicorns.
In any other business like tax accountancy his surpluses would be labelled 'fraud'.

Murdoch's News Ltd will remain a tax-exempt religious charity under ScuMo, as will scores of multinationals who avoid all tax in Australia simply by taking-out imaginary loans from a parent company in a tax haven. ScuMos LNPs love tax havens more than they love their own mothers.
Meanwhile ScuMo and the Shyster will oil the rusty RoboDebt generator so they can abuse the battered housewives of struggle street.

Someone said ScuMo went into this election with no front bench and no policy but he did have one policy. He's going to let an Indian scrap metal dealer dig-up coal to supply the Indian electricity market so India can produce billions of baby Indians and take-down whats left of the planet's biodiversity. (Note to ScuMo. Worshiping nature and the universe is infinitely more powerful than your quaint man-made 'beliefs'.)

And that's where ScuMo's logic is revealed as the work of an imbecile. Destroying the Earth's ecology can never be transformed into an asset. The liabilities will just keep piling-up. Agricultural output will continue to plummet. Likewise tourism revenue from the Barrier Reef or the whole of Queensland for that matter. Why visit some redneck paradise built on global coastal flooding? Even Liberal nutter John Alexander said 'move to higher ground'.
Does ScuMo agree with Alexander or not?
Luckily Australia has some thinkers in the Senate to block these nutjobs.

Meanwhile, we get 3 years of low-lifes like Barnaby Joyce, Mathias Conman, Angus Taylor and the ultra-weird Michaelia Cash. But 3 years goes by very quickly. The cartoonists and bloggers of Australia will have some excellent Neanderthal material to work with 👽

Angus Taylor - tax haven, tax haven, tax haven, tax haven,

Why ScuMo is forced to hold down interest rates. Because the government owes $700 billion, any rate rise means all the tax you pay goes straight to loan repayments and none of your taxes goes to running the country.

So ScuMo leans on the Reserve Bank which is actually a government department. (They always lie about it being 'independent'.)  
The government is punishing all Australians who are debt-free for the government's debt crisis. There is no reason for Australians to save money. You may as well buy gold. The actual situation is explained here.

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