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20 Apr 2019

The US Murdered 66,000 Iraqi Civilians Yet Somehow Julian Assange Is The Bad Guy?

Expect to see more corrupt US politicians and white supremacist bureaucrats attacking Australian Julian Assange now he is in UK custody.
Before you get swept-up by US propaganda consider this fact? Wikileaks was the main source of Iraq Invasion information the US government desperately had to cover-up. Wikileaks revealed facts like the murder of Iraqi women and children by the US in an illegitimate war.

image courtesy ABC Australia
Wikileaks published the Iraq War Logs in October 2010. The logs revealed the deaths of an extra 66,000 civilians bringing the total Iraq Body Count to over 150,000, 80% of them civilians. Incredibly, the US murdered 700 civilians just for coming too close to checkpoints in a war based on lies.

There must be thousands of taxpayer-trained killers roaming the streets of the US today and the rest of world knows these murders can never be justified and went unpunished. 78% of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi Arabians so why did the US slaughter 120,000 Iraqi civilians in response? Today the US, the UK and Australia are selling the Saudis as much arms as the criminal religious state want.
So how many people were ever prosecuted for US war crimes and atrocities in Iraq and are any of them behind bars today? We believe none. (leave a comment if you know more)
Most high-level US war criminals were only demoted and their charges were dropped.

The Intellectual Collapse Of The US And Australia
So after the US killed 120,000 civilians in Iraq they have a transexual and a computer geek behind bars - 2 individuals who didn't kill anybody. That simply means telling the truth is a more heinous crime than murder in the US. And this is the precise reason why America is a failed state. Americas' rational thinking has broken-down. That nation has imploded intellectually and may as well put the tooth fairy on trial for war crimes. The US has also failed morally and isn't that what really counts?

Imagine if the US had pursued the killers of 120,000 Iraqi civilians as energetically as they hunted-down Manning and Assange?

Inside Tasmania is disgusted with Australian conservative operatives John Howard and subsequent conservative 'leaders'. Not only is Howard a war criminal but he wrote a character reference for a convicted pedophile. Imagine if Howard wrote a character reference for one of George Pell's victims? That will never happen because conservative slime only support elites and abuse the innocent.

Australia's last conservative PM is so detached from reality he could only make an irrational comment when Pamela Anderson appealed to him to help Assange.
Pamela Anderson has more balls than this pathetic imbecile who stands for nothing.

Pamela Anderson

What a disgrace these conservative psyhopaths are? Conservative leaders have done nothing for whistleblowers, upholding the truth or the future of the human race. It's corruption, News Ltd propaganda and tax evasion for these scum.

Have a long hard look at where conservative 'thinking' always ends-up?
Anywhere there are white supremacist, conservative politicians in power there are bizarre, irrational and inhuman outcomes.

Conservatives always brutalize and destroy innocent people because their sick thinking is reinforced by even sicker thinking until it becomes completely irrational and can only be termed 'group psychopathy'.

The Australian Government Supports The Mass Murder Of Muslims

Q: Whats the difference between the Iraq Invasion and the Christchurch Massacre?
A: The Iraq Invasion was taxpayer-funded while the Christchurch Massacre was privately funded.
The fact Australia took part in the Iraq invasion and is still covering-up the mass killings, proves that murdering Muslims really is Australian Government policy.

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