22 Nov 2018

Identifying Islamic Indoctrination In The 21st Century

Incredibly, in the 21st century we see stories of mobile phone carrying religious zombies calling for the murder of a Pakistani woman whose only crime was sipping from a cup of water on a hot day.

Asia Bibi and the Blasphemy Ruling.
"Christian farm labourer Bibi, a 47-year-old mother of five, was sentenced to hang for blasphemy in 2010. She had angered fellow Muslim farm workers by taking a sip of water from a cup she had fetched for them on a hot day. When they demanded she convert to Islam, she refused, prompting a mob to later allege that she had insulted the prophet Mohammed."

This month Pakistan's supreme court overturned the 2010 death penalty. The court issued a 56-page ruling that had to be delayed for three weeks after blasphemy campaigners promised to “paralyse” the country and kill the judges if they did not uphold Bibi’s death sentence.
Now the brainwashed Islamist's are hunting 'house to house' for the Bibi family.

Comment. We hold no religious beliefs. Notice the farm workers 'demanded' the woman convert to Islam? Historically this is how most of the Middle East became Moslem - by force. Islam is based entirely on 'voices' heard in the head of a single person 1400 years ago, yet today millions of people still believe it's possible to 'insult' this long-dead individual.

This is a totally flawed belief system because it does not hold up to rational scrutiny whatsoever. What's interesting about Islam compared to the other delusional Abrahamic religions, is that Islam has essentially locked all the psychological doors and captured it's victims using violence, threats of violence and death. This is an important clue that assures us Islam is a fake religion engineered for power and control. Hence we see mass-indoctrination and absolute peer-pressure to conform to ideas that hold no foundation. This is mass brainwashing of a relentless form.

In Australia we see Islam allegedly being 'sanitised' by media personality Waleed Aly. We know Aly criticised Islamic State calling them 'bastards' but we would like to know Aly's position on blasphemy. We would also appreciate Aly's views on 'apostasy' which is supposedly the crime of leaving a religion  

Inside Tasmania is aware Waleed Aly does not engage in debate about his alleged 'religion'.
Condemning terrorism on The Project seems a safe way for Waleed Aly to stay onside with his Islamic peers, but we are sure Waleed never actually chose Islam independently. We are sure he was indoctrinated as a child and cannot leave. How could he when leaving is supposedly a crime?

We are saddened by the multiple problems of the world, but we also acknowledge Australia remained mostly terrorism-free after the colonial invasion and before Moslems began to arrive here in greater numbers. We think people like Waleed Aly need to acknowledge that. Do we really want a world run by corrupt, delusional, medieval religions or do we want an enlightened world guided by science and natural laws?

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Anonymous said...

Look, exactly. I have had the same thoughts and felt somewhat uncomfortable. Aly is a very persuasive, and intelligent man, but sanatise describes his actions perfectly, and his socialite wife with a headscarf somehow tells us something about the Aly we do not know. My interest it this website came about from listening to Jonathan West the elitist Tasmanian waffling on about what is wrong with Tasmania, in one of his eloquent essays,who has absolutely no practical good ideas for Tasmania, just trotting out what we all know, the trendy new industries.