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17 Oct 2018

The Hodgman-Courtney-Whittington Trade Mission To China

In September 2018, Premier Will Hodgman and Primary Industries Minister Sarah Courtney led a delegation to China. Will Hodgman had to take 3 days off parliament because he thought representing China was more important than representing Tasmania. Also on the trip was Dr John Whittington, head of DPIPWE  who was allegedly in a relationship with his boss Sarah Courtney.
Today we see Hodgman fending-off questions about the relationship in parliament.

Yet again, Hodgman will be holding a navel-gazing inquiry into his own government.
Problem. Hodgman  and Courtney are unable to conclude an inquiry anyway so why have one? Hodgman is still investigating his ex-mining minister Adam Brook's company emails. 2 years ago in June 2016, Hodgman announced a two-week audit by the Crown Solicitor of the emails to consider if there was a conflict of interest.
Nothing happened.

Falling in love while covering-up the deaths of 16 prize polo ponies
Courtney and alleged partner Dr Whittington were supposed to be investigating the deaths of 16 prized polo ponies gassed to death on the Spirit of Tasmania
That happened over 8 months ago. The owner of the ponies has lodges a $639,000 dames claim against TT Line and Qube Holdings. We can guess how this will end. A fat cheque will be handed-over on the steps of the court house.
Just like the hefty payout over the 'Cricket Tasmania Abortion Sacking' caused by some loose cannon in Will Hodgman's office.

So whose money did Cricket Tasmania use to payout Angela Williamson?
It was Tasmanian taxpayers money of course. "Cricket Tasmania receives a $560,000 grant each year from the state government that has been unchanged for a number of years".
Will Hodgman has been riding the gravy train for too long. It's time for a change of government in Tasmania.

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