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7 Oct 2018

Neanderthal State Conference Votes To Withdraw From Paris Climate Agreement

As usual the media are not reporting the Neanderthal Tasmanian Liberals voted to  'call on the government to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement'.

Sure, ignoring climate change is a crap idea but these are crap people. We are sure that was Tasmania's alleged 'environment minister' Elise Archer in Southern Cross Television's clip obediently vote to leave the Paris accord. From what we saw, the Liberals are total conformists when it comes to voting in front of their peers.

The comforting thing about the Neanderthal State Conference is the knuckle-draggers are still tearing themselves apart. They are divided on the GST, with Hungarian treasurer Josh Frydenberg believing the Tasmanian lie they are a booming economy and don't need more GST revenue than other states. We still maintain Frydenberg is a dual-national and knows it. Tasmania deserves to be whipped with the GST because they have shamelessly rorted the Australian taxpayer for decades. Look at how they collect $800 per shipping container with the Bass Strait freight subsidy with logs and woodchips stuffed in shipping containers?

On an overpopulated planet, the half-wit Liberals want to grow the Tasmanian population, but they don't know why. They believe 'more is more' but we guarantee most of their sober supporters don't want car jackings, home invasions and imported gang warfare. Incidentally, the Melbourne 'Sudanese gang problem' was caused by Liberal Philip Ruddock. Now the Victorian Liberals are out to blame anybody but their own party.

And of course the Liberals are divided on climate change. Isn't this why they had to get rid of Turnbull? All we can say to the lowest IQ politicians in Australia is 'keep at it phuktards'.

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