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25 Sept 2018

Dutton Wants To Install Spyware On Mobile Phones

Today we read 'homeland security' minister Dutton is introducing a law that would install spyware on all mobile devices, potentially crashing the internet.
This is from somebody who is sitting in parliament illegally. Somebody who lied to parliament and breached the constitution by holding a pecuniary interest with the Commonwealth concerning his child care centres.
Dutton is possibly also a psychopath because he thinks flooding Pacific islands with rising sea levels is funny. 

 "Criminal syndicates and terrorists are increasingly misusing and, indeed, exploiting these technologies," Mr Dutton said in a speech last week introducing The Assistance and Access Bill 2018 to Parliament.

But isn't Duttons family trust a 'criminal syndicate' and didn't the LNP all obediently vote to enable Dutton to lie to parliament?

What about the big threat from a tax-exempt religion?
So what church or mosque does Islamic State go to anyway? They go to regular Sunni mosques because Peter Dutton's government insists they should be tax-exempt charities. This is a big lie because it's based on something that doesn't exist - 'beliefs' are not 'facts' yet Dutton's government is in the business of peddling belief over fact and then protecting us from the insane consequences.

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