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24 Jun 2017

Grand Theft ATO

The media have called the $165 million tax fraud allegedly involving the deputy commissioner of taxation, 'the largest tax fraud in Australia's history'. We call it 'Grand Theft ATO'. With lawyers, guns, money, sports cars, boats, planes, drugs and blackmail it shares some elements with the computer game 'Grand Theft Auto'.

The system has always been wrong Right?
So how does a critical government authority like the tax office seemingly get scammed from within?
We think there is a background story and it goes something like this. Money in circulation is taxed every time it changes hands every financial year. A lot of the dollars in circulation change hands many times every financial year. If a dollar changes hands 4 times or more in one financial year then it's tax liability is more than it's face value.
We live in a time of electronic money or even virtual money that is working 24/7 in thousands or even millions of transactions. The ATO has supercomputers and we are sure the highest management levels at the ATO know that the tax system is unworkable because the total Australian tax liability exceeds the amount of cash in circulation. We suspect this information gave birth to the idea that the money allegedly defrauded from the ATO was just 'funny money' and would not even be noticed.

Consider this? Just last month mining magnate Andrew Forrest donated $400 million to charity, the largest ever donation in Australian history. We surmise Forrest donated to tax-deductible charities rather than feeding the idiots in Canberra who would just waste his hard-earned on interest repayments on government debt currently at $566 billion.
Why should you work just to pay off debt incurred by somebody else? The fact is Australia was once our country but the politicians destroyed that decades ago.

Remember back to the GFC when Kevin Rudd 'guaranteed' deposits in Australian banks?
That scheme is still in operation with modifications and individual Australians bank deposits are guaranteed up to $250k per person. Interestingly, the amount Rudd originally guaranteed is now the amount of government debt. That means your savings are guaranteed by a government that is essentially bankrupt.

With the 'Grand Theft ATO' legal case yet to be finalised, expect it to drag through the courts for years. No doubt the lawyers will make money and the more you make the more the ATO loves you.

Joshua and Adam Cranston and Synep Racing, a company set-up for tax fraud. Joshua Cranston was not involved in the fraud.

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