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22 Jun 2017

Bankrupt Liberal Government Blocked From Using Forests To Pay Debt Interest

TASMANIA. For so-called 'developed economies' trillion dollar debts and the onerous interest repayment treadmill is all they have to look forward to in government. That doesn't stop them standing for election because most of them think they were born to rule. The average Liberal lawyer is so deluded they believe some miracle will make their economy solvent again. In the meantime all they have to do is degrade everything created by nature and call it 'development'. 

Barnett - unable to have the wood he craves.
The Tasmanian Liberal Government never deals in the truth, preferring a jingoistic narrative of jobs and 're-building' the economy. They are not in a race to the bottom, they arrived there decades ago. 
The latest idiot chapter in Tasmania's history is the attempt to 'unlock' some forests. 

The Liberal lawyers didn't collude with and bribe the logging industry quite as effectively as the previous trade union-backed government. As a result the Liberals forest clearing plan was not actually supported by the 'industry'.  

'Logging industry' in Tasmania means some foreign-owned outfits like Ta Ann and New Forests as well as a fleet of rusty cargo ships shuttling wood chips to Asia. Hardly any of it is Australian-owned, but the Liberal lawyers would sell their own mothers to China if the price was right.

So Guy Barnett, Will Hodgman, Matthew Groom and the Liberal lawyers will go to the next election offering a platform of ecocide, climate psychopathy and social disintegration. How very cute and infantile?

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