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3 Feb 2017

The Truth Is Out. Trump Is a Phuktard

We actually support Trump's stance on 'extreme vetting' of Moslem's entering the US, but when Trump failed to include Saudi Arabia in his immigration 'blacklist' we realised he is just another Yankee blow hard. All talk and no brains.
As well as a lot of Neanderthal bullshite Saudi Arabia just happens to practice stoning people to death but Trump registered 8 companies in Saudi Arabia during the US election alone.
That pretty much makes Trump a supporter of terrorism and barbarism in our opinion. Trump's comment that 'torture works' confirms Trump does not have a high IQ as he claims. If intelligent people believed in torture then the Spanish inquisition would have been the golden age of civilisation. The US will never, ever become great again under Trump. The US is phukted and deep down you all know it. It's now just a slow progression to the bottom of the barrel for everybody in the US. We feel sorry for you because most of you didn't even vote for Trump.

Trump uses hormones to grow hair
The Trump hair mystery has finally been solved by his ex-physician Dr Harold Bornstein who told the world Trump uses Finasteride which converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.
Dr Harold Bornstein
Dihydrotestosterone is listed as an 'endogenous androgen sex steroid and hormone'. Dr Bornstein also takes it which explains why he breached doctor-patient confidentiality with none other than the President of the USA. Do you see a pattern here? (other than male pattern baldness).

Isn't it all great again? A President on hormone replacement therapy?
Unfortunately Finasteride effects sexual performance, especially if is stopped. Does that mean Trump has got to take it? With all his 'locker room talk' we recon he can't afford to stop taking it.
But is there other medication Dr Bornstein didn't mention? We know it's always nice to have a card up the sleeve. Trump could destroy this guy unless he was frightened more would be revealed.

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