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22 Oct 2016

Tasmanian Liberals Go Wild Over Burning Wood

The Tasmanian Liberals are going gaga over New Forests plan to build a $145 million wood pellet plant in Tasmania. The Lib government thought it was such a great idea they funded another 13 ventures to do similar things with pellets.

Unfortunately for Tas Forestry Minister (and lawyer) Guy Barnett, burning wood pellets produce almost the same emissions as burning coal. That is not surprising - coal is just a geologically buried forest so what is the difference?

Coal Mining Is Subterranean Forestry.
Quoting Wikipedia 'in the geologic past, the Earth had dense forests in low-lying wetland areas. Due to natural processes such as flooding, these forests were buried underneath soil'. That means mining coal is actually 'harvesting' an ancient forest. That is never mentioned by FSC or the Institute of Foresters Australia. In fact, coal mining is so close to forestry that the Institute of Foresters and FSC could call it 'Earth-managed subterranean forestry'.

The big FSC lie 
The main assumption buried under mountains of FSC verbiage is 'the best managed forests were not managed at all'. Without forests that evolved by natural evolutionary forces over a billion years, there would be no forests to be managed by humans or FSC.
FSC needs to declare this fact. They also need baseline data as a starting point to measure their progress at saving the Earths forests. The primordial forests that once covered the Earth were managed by nature not humans, and these are the same forests FSC attempts to certify today. Those ancient forests must have been managed very well without human managers, and if you accept that fact then coal must be a downstream 'chain of custody' product of ancient forests.

The economics.
If wood pellet manufacturing is financially viable then why can't the economic rationalist Liberals allow us to have an auto industry as well? Why can't we manufacture electric cars or thousands of other consumer products right here in Australia? Why do the Liberals want us to buy products only produced by low paid workers mostly from Communist China?

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