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25 Oct 2016

Duterte Imitates Addict While Visiting Crystal Meth Supplier

Duterte imitating a drug addict
Tasmania is far enough away from Rodrigo Duterte to see him as he really is. The problem for Australia is we have a democratically-elected nut-job in the region. After once being in a sexual relationship with a priest, Duterte slaughtered 3,800 people in his first 3 months in office because they may have had a drug problem.
And this could just be the beginning of Duterte's bloodbath. He claims there are 3 million more addicts for him to kill.

Is Duterte a drug user himself? At right we see Duterte imitating an addict while on his China trip. How does Duterte know what addicts look like and why does he need to personally demonstrate this to China while on a diplomatic mission? It's not unusual for people who have been sexually abused by priests to later develop serious drug and alcohol problems. Is it time Duterte turned the gun on himself? China is the world's largest supplier of crystal methamphetamine or 'ice'. China is also a communist dictatorship so the ruling regime must be involved in trafficking ice somewhere along the supply chain. Is Rodrigo Duterte a crystal meth addict?

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