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13 Jan 2016

Tasmania And The 'Godzilla El Nino'

Three months ago the drought situation impacting Tasmania had been called the 'Godzilla El Nino'. What's it like on the ground in Tasmania? Hot and dry with some disturbing long term effects observed on our native bush. It hasn't been totally rain-free, but falls have been light, often only 4 or 5mms. Hay is already scarce just weeks after harvest.

Current water level in the high altitude Great Lake Tasmania
At the start of 2016 the situation had become serious because water in Tasmania's highland dam system, used to generate electricity, for irrigation and residential supplies had dropped significantly. The storage dams are now at 21% and losing 1% per week.
To make matters worse, on December 22, 2015 the undersea Basslink cable failed. The government had been importing 40% of the islands electricity from Victoria through the cable. Now the shrinking dams have to generate the entire load. They have an LNG-fuelled power station but it takes a month to start it. No wonder the dams are losing 1% per week?
Is anyone to blame? Climate change is bigger than Tasmania but we had been generating 100% renewable electricity before the politicians (Hydro Tasmania) started draining the dams to sell 'clean' power to the mainland. Then they used electricity generated by residential solar panels to prop-up the logging company Forestry Tasmania. The government-owned Forestry Tasmania is causing climate change by removing native forests that evolved over millions of years. They have been doing this at a criminal rate. Sanctioned by the quasi-academic and corrupt Institute of Foresters Australia the forest removal is a continuation of the genocide of the Tasmanian Aboriginals and the rape of a diverse ecosystem. The forestry crooks are releasing the carbon stored in trees that are up to 600 years old. They wood chip them and selling them into the voracious Asian pulp an paper market.
The problem is the Liberal governments in Canberra and Hobart want their cake and to eat it too. They want to keep cashing-in on the colonial invasion of Australia without giving anything back. Now the climate is slapping the bastards down.
Both major parties in Australia are as greedy and stupid as each other. We desperately need leaders who can relate to the Australian bush rather than the drawing rooms of Washington, London and Beijing. Right now, the bush in Tasmania is slowly dying. Wet sclerophyll forests are turning into dry sclerophyll forests and dry forests are shrinking in size. Politicians don't notice trends like this because they are only focussed on money and nothing else. Our economy, our climate and our ecology have merged into one big problem but the corrupt vested interests have not accepted that reality.
Will they get slapped harder by the Earth's climate? Probably. It could get worse before sanity prevails and responsible ecologists are put in charge of the ecosphere.

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