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Nine Entertainment, News Ltd and Seven West Media are using your subscriptions to turn Australia into a corrupt, debt-crippled failed state. Their sock puppet reporters are even covering-up sex crimes inside Australia's Parliament House. Paywall media charge you to see ads while Google charge you not to see ads. Paywall media also give you sanitized news. Why is TV free when the costs are higher than online media? This is scammer media upholding scammer government.

26 Dec 2015

Turnbull's 'Dumb Ideas Boom' For Australia

At the end of 2015 Malcolm Turnbull unveiled a $1.1 billion 'ideas boom' package to promote business-based research and innovation. What could be wrong with that you ask? What's wrong with it is, Turnbull expects business to innovate while his government sits on it's fat bum in a broken economy, with a broken tax system, a broken constitution, and the idiotic notion that somebody else is going to innovate them out of the hole they are in.

3 months ago we depicted Turnbull with car wrecks because that's what the debt-ridden economy he wanted to lead looks like.
Previously, we had pointed out Australia's 3 most pressing structural problems.
Turnbull needs to know that repairing the Australian economy will take more than farmers using drones. It will take more than the 'patchwork' NBN or looking at 3D graphics of something that can only be built in China.
Australia now has 70% of its work force engaged in 'service' industries. That's 70% of the workforce polishing each other knobs while layers of parasitic governments live off the left overs. Where in the world has that economic model succeeded?
We say Turnbull is all spit and polish and no brains. Just because he's rich means nothing. It just means he didn't mind trashing a lot of people on the way to managing his basket case economy. He didn't mind stealing timber from the Solomon Islands, or letting Gunns corporate crooks dump dioxin into a fishery. He doesn't mind bleating about climate change while he sells coal to any bastard that will buy it.
2016 is going to be a good year for Inside Tasmania because we have nothing to loose and plenty of pictures of Aussie wrecking yards. Pictures of a past 'golden age' in Australia when Monsanto hadn't turned our children into bisexual androids. When we didn't have phuktards building Sharia Law temples amongst the gum trees and we had a future we could believe in.
Inside Tasmania's simple message to Malcolm Turnbull. Clean-up your own backyard before you use innovators to prop-up your lazy, corrupt government. How many good ideas did you Liberals have invading Iraq? It looks like your economy is running out of illusions to sell to it's brain-dead consumers. How about selling real intelligence for a change and not trying to be everything to everybody?

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