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11 Jul 2015

Parleviet and Van der Plas Causing Multiple Shark Attacks And Avoiding Tax In Australia

How Parlevliet and Van der Plas avoid tax in Australia. 

By setting-up a front company 'Seafish Tasmania Pelagic', Dirk Parlevliet and Dirk Van der Plas (both directors) are able to lease trawlers from themselves. This mechanism helps them avoid millions of dollars in taxes to the Australian government because they are able to set the leasing fees at any price they like.

Forget the movie 'Jaws' the real killers of Australian surfers are Dutch fishing company Parlevliet and Van der Plas.
The sick bastards rename their trawlers to make them look like local ships in their never-ending battle to rape the World's oceans for a dirty dollar. Not only are they killing dolphins and seals but they are killing Australian board riders. After 2 shark attacks in 2 days at Ballina a junior surf contest was able to go ahead with helicopter shark surveillance.

By trawling the 'small pelagic fishery' they are actually ripping the middle out of the ocean's food chain and we all know big fish eat little fish. At the top of this food chain are sharks and when they are hungry they attack humans.
Australian 'researchers' claim they don't know what's causing a spike in shark attacks, but in 2010 Egyptian scientists worked-out that overfishing was to blame for shark attacks in the Red Sea.
Overfishing has been consistently blamed for shark attacks in Australia but some scientists claim there are more humans in the water due to climate change. That doesn't explain why there are so many shark attacks in Winter? We recon there were more surfers back in the 70's and 80's when the 'baby boomers' hit the beaches. Today's kids are all in front of Xboxes and iPhones right?
The recreational fishing guys have tried to stop the Geelong Star because they know it's effecting their catch, but historically they have never been as radical as Aussie board riders. I recon it's time Australian surfers reclaimed the waves and took-on Parleviet and Van der Plas and their Liberal stooges.
P&P are fishing off the East coast of Australia and Tasmania and they are selling the catch to fish farms at Point Lincoln in SA. They are fully supported by Liberal Party apparatchiks Senator Eric Abetz* and Senator Richard Colbeck.

* "Eric Abetz, believes Seafish Tasmania may be entitled to damages because it has abided by all the Commonwealth's requirements". September 2012.

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