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29 May 2015

Your Child Is Thousands Of Times More Likely To Be Sexually Abused At A Private School Than At A Public School

It's time the truth was told about the pedophile cults operating at the very heart of the Catholic Church and other so-called 'religions'. We are living in a time where religion is destroying the quality of life for millions of human beings. Humanity must escape the evil clutches of religion in all it's rotten forms.

As yet another Royal Commission sifts thru the depravity, broken lives and suicides caused by Tony Abbott's religion of choice, the rest of us are left wondering 'when is this evil going to end'?

We decided to investigate why it's always the 'elite' and 'private' schools where the abuse happens.

Inside Tasmania went to a coeducational public school in Australia and saw no sexual abuse whatsoever in our time there so what's the problem with religious schools?         

Check-out the graph from the ABS at right? It tells us twice as many Australians attend public schools than private schools or just 1 in 3 go to a private school.
And yet in the last few years we have heard or read of a never-ending stream of sexual abuse cases coming out of private schools. Why?

Australia's Prime Minister is known to have had a pedophile room mate at St Patrick's College and to have given that pedophile priest a character reference. How many normal Australians have had a pedophile room mate or have provided a character reference for a pedophile? Tony Abbott is even on record saying 'the only thing I wouldn't do is sell my a&*%' to become Prime Minister.
But wait a minute? Who in Australia has ever offered to buy someone’s a&*% in return for making them PM? Tony Abbott appears to have serious mental problems and is possibly bisexual. Normal people do not behave like this, especially one occupying the highest office in the country.

Why the Catholic Church opposes gay marriage.

We believe gay men have always been the main source of priests in the catholic and anglican churches.

Their payoff for entering the priesthood was to live with like-minded men and they also had access to children. As the 'gay' movement gained traction the number of catholic priests has declined worldwide. You can see from the graph at left that the numbers of priests has collapsed catastrophically for the catholics. Why join a church when you don't have to? It's obvious the remaining priests knew they could get away with abusing children and the desperate church would hide their crimes. These churches are now very close to collapse and the sooner that happens the better we say!

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