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20 May 2015

We're Signing A Free Trade Agreement With A Country That Syphons Billions Out Of Australia Every Year?

2015 was the year Australia discovered just how much tax multinational corporations were siphoning out of our economy through Singapore.
Both BHP and RioTinto produced dodgy accounts to a senate committee that shows they both use Singapore to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes to Australia. Now we learn McDonalds is also siphoning half a billion dollars a year through Singapore
But guess what? We are actually negotiating a free trade agreement with Singapore, a city state that mostly produces financial services such as a tax haven that underminines the Australian economy.

original image from wikipedia.org
Aussie iron ore miner Andrew Forrest wants an inquiry into why Australian companies can't compete with tax-avoiding mutinationals like BHP Billiton and RioTinto. But guess what again? Our English-born Prime Minister supports the foreign miners before the Australian people that he purports to represent. We are not going to label Abbott a traitor because we don't regard Abbott as Australian. Tony Abbott is an economic agent for global foreign interests and he consistently places them ahead of Australian interests.
Take a glance at the graphic above? It's OK to do business with communists, tax avoiders and people who stone people to death according to the Abbott government. If this is their concept of 'free trade' then no Australian can support their economic psychopathy. 'Trade' does not operate in a vacuum that's disconnected from basic human rights, lawful taxation requirements, basic ethical values and moral values. Trade is only a component of the overall health of a population and if the Australian government places it ahead of our social values then their TPP is designed to fail.

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