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5 Jul 2014

Echidnas Have A Four Barrel Penis

Nature lovers around the world were shocked to learn that echidnas from Tasmania and the Australian mainland have a four-headed penis.
There is so much about the flora and fauna of Tasmania that we have never bothered to find out. Since the British invasion of Tasmania, the colonialists mostly ignored the incredible diversity around them. They were homesick and brainwashed their children into creating another version of England, complete with terrace houses, hedges and a hereditary monarch on the other side of the planet.
Scientists have just discovered that as well as a '4 barrel penis' the humble echidna also has 'team sperm' where sperm cells appear to cooperate with each other to fertilise the 'dual-channel' female echidnas love canals.
So why is Inside Tasmania publishing incredible nature material on a mostly political site?
We would like Tasmanians to realise how obsessed by money they have become. The current government of Tasmania would flatten every echidna habitat in the blink of an eye if they thought it would create jobs for them to parasitise. That is the total extent of their mental capacity. Money trumps everything. Another thing we don't like about Tasmania's current Liberal government is they are the spoilt progeny of colonial dynasties. Today's Liberal politicians have never questioned the indoctrination of their monarchist, colonial families. No wonder they are living a distorted and dishonest version of reality? Will Hodgman, Mathew Groom, and Elise Archer are all lawyers from Liberal dynasties and are probably the most entitled, narcissistic brats you could find anywhere on earth. There maybe more members of Tasmania's Liberal 'Brat Pack' sitting in parliament, harvesting our taxes.

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